Men, Masculinities and Male Cancer Awareness: a preliminary study

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Hughes, John
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The aim of this small-scale project is to explore Scottish men‟s awareness of „male cancer‟ specifically and to examine the relationship between the lived experience of masculinities and the meanings that men attribute to health, well being, health care providers and services and male cancer. The data presented here are analysed and discussed with a view to informing future, larger-scale investigations into barriers to cancer screening service use and the consumption of public health messages related to male cancers amongst men, as well as the development of user-driven sources of information on male cancers and cancer screening awareness campaigns that recognise the diversity of Scottish men‟s identities and experiences. Data were be generated from four focus group meetings with a diversity of men from across Scotland, focussing on areas of particularly high incidences of male cancers specifically, and poor health records generally (Glasgow, Edinburgh and West Dunbartonshire).
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