Where's the midwifery in midwife-led care?

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Hughes, Deborah ; Deery, Ruth (2002)
  • Publisher: The Practising Midwife
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THE PURPOSE OF THIS ARTICLE is\ud to share some of our insights and thoughts\ud about midwife-led care (MLC) which have\ud arisen whilst engaged in an action research\ud project recently.\ud As a result of a new hospital being built\ud locally where all current in-patient services\ud would be centralised, many concerns were\ud expressed over the future of the midwife-led\ud unit (Deery et ai, 1999). This was accommodated\ud in separate facilities to the obstetric-\ud led unit and enjoyed a good reputation\ud and increasing use by local women and midwives.\ud Part of the reconfiguration of services\ud locally meant that this unit would,\ud from 200 1, share the same geographical\ud location with the obstetric-led unit.
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