Thin liquid water clouds: their importance and our challenge

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Turner, Dawn ; Vogelmann, A. ; Austin, R. ; Barnard, J. ; Cady-Pereira, K. ; Chiu, J. Christine ; Clough, S. ; Flynn, C. ; Khaiyer, M. ; Liljegren, J. ; Johnson, K. ; Lin, B. ; Long, C. ; Marshak, A. ; Matrosov, S. ; McFarlane, S. ; Miller, M. ; Min, Q. ; Minnis, P. ; O'Hirok, W. ; Wang, Z. ; Wiscombe, W. (2007)

Many clouds important to the Earth’s energy balance contain small amounts of liquid water, yet despite many improvements, large differences in retrievals of their liquid water amount and particle size still must be resolved.
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