Intangible space: three-dimensional technology in Hugo and IMAX in The Dark Knight

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Wood, Aylish (2013)
  • Publisher: Sage
  • Subject: PN1993

Intangible spaces exist as a particular gathering together of influences, including those of people, things,\ud locations and technologies. They are fascinating for thinking about how technologies influence cinematic space. This discussion of digital three-dimensional (3D) technologies in Hugo and the image maximum (IMAX) format in The Dark Knight uses paratexts to elaborate on this idea. Paratexts released in conjunction with Hugo are used to introduce an understanding of digital 3D cinematic space as something that is built as opposed to recorded. Those of The Dark Knight show film-makers encountering unexpected spaces arising from their use of IMAX technologies. By paying attention to the parameters of intangible space in The Dark Knight, the IMAX format is configured not as seamlessly immersive but as a location that offers multiple points of engagement for an audience. Both these examples demonstrate how thinking in terms of relationality, mediation and entanglement describes a cinematic space given shape by and through technologies.
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