Codification of private law in Scotland: observations by a civil lawyer

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Rahmatian, A. (2004)
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    into the 21st Century. Essays in Honour of W A Wilson (1996) (henceforth Scots Law into the 21st

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    Legal System, 8th edn (2001) (henceforth Walker, Scottish Legal System) 163, 180. 4 Compare §§ 7, 12, 16 ABGB. 5 See Wieacker, History, 159, 164 et seq. 6 Wieacker, History, 199 et seq, 240, 250. 7 Wieacker, History, 266, 268. 8 This brevity was, however, achieved at the expense of substantial gaps which had to be filled by case-law

    and doctrine during the nineteenth century: compare Zweigert and Kötz, Introduction, 163. 9 Compare Zweigert and Kötz, Introduction, 163. 10 The ABGB consists of three parts: 1. law of persons; 2.1. law of property (possession, ownership, pledges,

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