TERA-MIR radiation : materials, generation, detection and applications II

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Pereira, Mauro

The main objective of MPNS COST ACTION MP1204 is to advance novel materials, concepts and device designs for generating and detecting THz (0.3–10 THz) and Mid Infrared (10–100 THz) radiation using semiconductor, superconductor, metamaterials and lasers. This special edition summarizes part of the progress achieved in the first year of our network by covering a wide range of related topics, e.g. fundamental studies of intervalence THz polaritons and entangled excitons to the design and development of THz and MIR Quantum Cascade Lasers and novel antennas, filters and metamaterials. Spectroscopy and modelling of the interaction of THz radiation with biomatter are investigated. Mid infrared detection and emission are modelled and develped including supercontinuum studies. Relevant results for nitrides, bismides and graphene are discussed covering industrial and academic applications, theory and experiments, illustrating the impact of a synergistic approach to THz and MIR within our TERA-MIR concept.
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