Correction of diffraction effects in confocal raman microspectroscopy

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Gallardo, A. ; Navarro, R. ; Reinecke, H. ; Spells, S. J. (2006)

<p> A mathematical approach developed to correct depth profiles of\ud wet-chemically modified polymer films obtained by confocal Raman\ud microscopy is presented which takes into account scattered contributions originated from a diffraction-limited laser focal volume. It is demonstrated that the problem can be described using a linear Fredholm integral equation of the first kind which correlates apparent and true Raman intensities with the depth resolution curve of the instrument.\ud The calculations of the corrected depth profiles show that considerable differences between apparent and corrected depth profiles exist at the surface, especially when profiles with strong concentration gradients are dealt with or an instrument with poor depth resolution is used. Degrees of modification at the surface obtained by calculation of the corrected depth profiles are compared with those measured by FTIR-ATR and show an excellent concordance.</p>
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