The purpose and practice of Conscious Business

Article English OPEN
Burden, Pete ; Warwick, Robert (2014)
  • Publisher: Association of Management Education and Development (AMED)
  • Subject: H1 | HD72 | HM

This is the second edition of e-O&P on Conscious Business (CB). In the first edition of this two-part themed edition of e-O&P (AMED 2013) we explained our caution about the way that CB might be reduced to formulaic frameworks and schema that play down the attention that we give to everyday practices and how people relate to each other.\ud \ud We ended with an invitation for you to draw your own conclusions, based upon your experience, inviting you to develop your own ideas around the subject. \ud \ud We also offered six diverse pieces around the subject of ‘awareness’. As we said, CB is not a thing. It is a way of doing business. We believe that the practice of CB aims to raise awareness of the hurly-burly of everyday life and to notice those assumptions that influence our perceptions and practice. In short, it enjoins us to become more aware.
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