Le cri de soie I

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Kivland, Sharon (2011)
  • Publisher: Domo Baal Editions

<p>'To the cropped and enlarged photograph, extracted from an underwear trade journal of the 1950s, a strip of colour, that of the packaging of the scent 'Allure' by Chanel is added, cropping or extending the image further. Each woman is ecstatic; the touch of silk against her skin is enough to make her faint, to send into an enclosed jouissance, like those kleptomaniac patients of Gaëtan de Clérambault, for whom the squeaky sound of silk as it was rubbed provided the most intense sensation.'</p>\ud <p>Edition of 100, 11×15cm, 24 pages, 15 duo–tone photographs, published to accompany Sharon Kivland's exhibition 'I am sick of my thoughts'.</p>
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