Power conversion and signal transmission integration method based on dual modulation of DC-DC converters

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Wu, Jiande ; Du, Jin ; Lin, Zhengyu ; Hu, Yihua ; Zhao, Chongwen ; He, Xiangning (2015)

For the development of communication systems such as Internet of Things, integrating communication with power supplies is an attractive solution to reduce supply cost. This paper presents a novel method of power/signal dual modulation (PSDM), by which signal transmission is integrated with power conversion. This method takes advantage of the intrinsic ripple initiated in switch mode power supplies as signal carriers, by which cost-effective communications can be realized. The principles of PSDM are discussed, and two basic dual modulation methods (specifically PWM/FSK and PWM/PSK) are concluded. The key points of designing a PWM/FSK system, including topology selection, carrier shape, and carrier frequency, are discussed to provide theoretical guidelines. A practical signal modulation-demodulation method is given, and a prototype system provides experimental results to verify the effectiveness of the proposed solution.
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