Polarization-independent high-resolution spectral interrogation of FBGs using a BFBG-CCD array for optical sensing applications

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Simpson, Alexander G. ; Zhou, Kaiming ; Foote, Peter ; Zhang, Lin ; Bennion, Ian (2003)
  • Publisher: SPIE

Optical fibre strain sensors using Fibre Bragg Gratings (FBGs) are poised to play a major role in structural health monitoring in a variety of application from aerospace to civil engineering. At the heart of technology is the optoelectronic instrumentation required to convert optical signals into measurands. Users are demanding compact, lightweight, rugged and low cost solutions. This paper describes development of a new device based on a blazed FBG and CCD array that can potentially meet the above demands. We have shown that this very low cost technique may be used to interrogate a WDM array of sensor gratings with highly accurate and highly repeatable results unaffected by the polarisation state of the radiation. In this paper, we present results showing that sensors may be interrogated with an RMS error of 1.7pm, drift below 0.12pm and dynamic range of up to 65nm.
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