A business-oriented framework for enhancing web services security for e-business

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Nurse, Jason R. C.
  • Subject: QA76

Security within the Web services technology field is a complex and very\ud topical issue. When considering using this technology suite to support interacting\ud e-businesses, literature has shown that the challenge of achieving security\ud becomes even more elusive. This is particularly true with regard to attaining a\ud level of security beyond just applying technologies, that is trusted, endorsed and\ud practiced by all parties involved. Attempting to address these problems, this research\ud proposes BOF4WSS, a Business-Oriented Framework for enhancing Web\ud Services Security in e-business. The novelty and importance of BOF4WSS is its\ud emphasis on a tool-supported development methodology, in which collaborating\ud e-businesses could achieve an enhanced and more comprehensive security and\ud trust solution for their services interactions.\ud This investigation began with an in-depth assessment of the literature in\ud Web services, e-business, and their security. The outstanding issues identified\ud paved the way for the creation of BOF4WSS. With appreciation of research limitations\ud and the added value of framework tool-support, emphasis was then shifted\ud to the provision of a novel solution model and tool to aid companies in the use and\ud application of BOF4WSS. This support was targeted at significantly easing the\ud difficulties incurred by businesses in transitioning between two crucial framework\ud phases.\ud To evaluate BOF4WSS and its supporting model and tool, a two-step\ud approach was adopted. First, the solution model and tool were tested for compatibility\ud with existing security approaches which they would need to work with\ud in real-world scenarios. Second, the framework and tool were evaluated using interviews\ud with industry-based security professionals who are experts in this field.\ud The results of both these evaluations indicated a noteworthy degree of evidence\ud to affirm the suitability and strength of the framework, model and tool. Additionally,\ud these results also act to cement this thesis' proposals as innovative and\ud significant contributions to the research field.
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