The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility on Business Practice: The Case of International Certifiable Management Standards

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Iatridis, Konstantinos
  • Subject: N611

This study explores the influence of CSR on business practice. To succeed in its aim, the dissertation employs International Certifiable Management Standards (ICMS), as proxy-indicators of CSR related practices and draws on an inter-disciplinary approach. In contrast to previous research suffered from narrow analytical insights and lack of empirical evidence, this study contributes to existing knowledge by adopting a more holistic approach and focusing on the breadth, depth and context of ICMS adoption. The research draws on a mixed-methods approach and its analysis is based on 211 responses from small, medium and large companies from services, commerce and manufacture collected through a survey (21.4% response rate), and on eighteen (18) semi-structured interviews. The results reveal that CSR practices fail to influence business practice; firms do not adopt such practices in order to improve their CSR performance but they do it due to competitiveness and legitimacy reasons. The study shows that companies use CSR practices to convince or even mislead stakeholders that the activities of the firm are carried out within the framework set by society. The findings also indicate that the context of implementation of CSR practices is lax failing to secure the integration of these practices in firms’ everyday activities.
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