What Works Scotland & West Dunbartonshire Community Planning Partnership –\ud Community-Led Action Planning Report

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Bynner, Claire
  • Publisher: What Works Scotland

At the heart of the What Works Scotland initiative is a programme of Collaborative Action\ud Research (CAR) that is being taken forward with representatives from four case study\ud Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs). The aim of this work is to build capacity and\ud capability in the use of evidence to support local improvement projects and to capture\ud evidence from practice as to what works in achieving public service reform.\ud West Dunbartonshire is one of four WWS national case study areas. WWS have been\ud working with the local community planning team to develop collaborative action research\ud projects to address local priorities for public service reform. The early preparatory phase of\ud our work examined the background to a new neighbourhood approach to community\ud planning in West Dunbartonshire, known locally as ‘Your Community’. This approach aligns\ud to the post-Christie Commission agenda for public service reform that is reflected in forms\ud of community planning that are more responsive to local needs and community assets.\ud ‘Your Community’ in West Dunbartonshire seeks to strengthen and enable community-led\ud approaches to action planning. This local programme of public service reform was identified\ud as a key priority for WWS in West Dunbartonshire. The purpose of this document is to share\ud the learning and findings from a local event on community-led action planning as part of the\ud WWS Collaborative Action Research process.
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