Content or context? Searching for musical meaning in task-based interactive information retrieval

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Inskip, C. ; MacFarlane, A. ; Rafferty, P. (2008)
  • Publisher: ACM
  • Subject: Z665 | Communication, Meaning, Music information retrieval, Relevance, Users

Creative professionals search for digital music to accompany moving images using interactive information retrieval systems run by music publishers and record companies. This research investigates the creative professionals and the intermediaries communication processes and information seeking and use behaviour with a view to making recommendations to information retrieval systems builders as to the extent of relative importance of content and contextual factors. A communications model is used to suggest that the meaning of music is determined by its listener and use context, as well as cultural codes and competences. The research is framed by a holistic approach based on Ingwersen and Jarvelin’s Interactive Information Seeking, Retrieval and Behavioral processes model.
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