Business models: A challenging agenda

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Baden-Fuller , Charles ; Mangematin , Vincent (2013)

International audience; The current literature on business models lies mainly in the literature on strategy and competitive advantage and focuses on their role as descriptors of actual phenomenon, often by reference to taxonomic categories. In this essay we explore how business models can be seen as a set of cognitive configurations that can be manipulable in the minds of managers (and academics). By proposing a typology of business models, that emphasises the connecting of traditional value chain descriptors with how customers are identified and satisfied, and how the firm monetizes its value, we explore how business model configurations can extend current work on cognitive categorization and open up new possibilities for organisation research.
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    1. Much has been written on taxonomies versus typologies; see, for instance, McKelvey (1975); a brief summary of the issues is given in Baden-Fuller and Morgan (2010).

    2. Both methods of engagement can take account of cultural goods as required by Ravasi et al. (2012).

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