Process evaluation for organizational stress and well-being interventions: Implications for theory, method, and practice.

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Biron, C ; Karanika-Murray, M (2014)
  • Publisher: American Psychological Association for the International Stress Management Association
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1037/a0033227

Although the body of evidence showing the effects of psychosocial risks on employees’ health is substantial, effective and sustainable stress prevention remains a thorny and complex issue. Most studies have focused on evaluating the effects of organizational interventions, and the results are mixed. Researchers find the evaluation of such actions methodologically challenging whereas practitioners often find the development and implementation of such actions a complicated matter. One of the reasons for this mixed impact is the lack of attention to contextual and process issues, namely how, when, and why interventions have their effects on outcomes such as mental health, well-being, and organizational performance. This paper aims to help researchers and practitioners to improve the development, implementation, and evaluation of organizational initiatives designed to reduce exposure to stress, to promote well-being, and healthy organizations. We review recent developments in the literature on process evaluation and propose examples of broader theoretical frameworks that could be used to improve this area. We articulate the essential elements for developing and bridging gaps between theory, methods, and practice. Throughout, we provide recommendations for the content, process and reporting of research on IPE.
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