A comparative study of the marketing strategies of American, British and Japanese companies in the UK market

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Wright, Len Tiu
  • Subject: HF

This thesis presents the product of the research into the comparative marketing strategies of\ud competing American, British and Japanese companies in the UK market. These companies\ud were drawn from the audio/hi-fl, ball bearing, machine tools, microwave ovens and\ud photocopier industries.\ud A. The aims of the research were:\ud i) to investigate and compare a matched sample of subsidiaries of the three\ud national parent companies to discover whether there were significant\ud differences in the way that these subsidiaries went about their business of\ud marketing;\ud ii) to identify which marketing applications, supported by behavioural and\ud organisational differences, contributed to the achievement of effective\ud marketing strategies;\ud iii) to examine headquarters-subsidiary relationships regarding the extent of\ud overseas headquarter's support for its UK subsidiary's marketing operations;\ud and\ud iv) to discover whether there were any pointers to change which would be\ud beneficial in the marketing organisation or operations of UK firms seeking to\ud improve their marketing strategies and performances in these industries.\ud Suitable hypotheses indicated by possible gaps in the literature review were prepared\ud for investigation and testing in order to achieve these aims. The literature review\ud discussed in this thesis also highlighted the difficulties faced by UK firms and the\ud challenges posed by overseas companies in the changed international business\ud conditions from the 1980s to 1991.
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