Which relation between globalisation and individual propensity to co-operate? Some preliminary results from an experimental investigation

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Grimalda, Gianluca (2006)
  • Publisher: University of Warwick. Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation
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The paper reports on a theoretical framework for the study of the influence of globalisation on individual decision-making. The focus is on individual co-operative behaviour for the provision of public goods. First, I summarise relevant theories of globalisation and co-operation aiming to find a link between the two themes. Second, I illustrate the methodology of the research project “Globalisation, Co-operation and Trust: An Experimental Study”, which will carry out an international study on the subject. Finally, I report on some preliminary results from a pilot study of the project. The explanandum is individual propensity to co-operate measured in experiments of nested public goods problem. The main explanatory variables are four dimensions of individual access into globalisation processes, derived from a questionnaire. Of these four dimensions, the cultural and the social dimension of globalisation appear to have a strong explanatory power on individual co-operation rates, although they have different signs. The other two dimensions, economic and political, do not seem to have comprehensive explanatory power. The relationship with social identity is also analysed.
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