Power Spectral Density of Dicode Pulse Position Modulation

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Charitopoulos, Romanos ; Sibley, Martin J.N. (2006)
  • Publisher: University of Huddersfield
  • Subject: QC | T1 | TA

Dicode pulse-position modulation is a new modulation format, which has been found that offers\ud improved sensitivity over digital PPM and multiple PPM. The power spectral density of that format\ud theory has been described with mathematic equation and graph of that have been taken. Software\ud simulation has been programmed and hardware (coder, decoder) have been constructed for the Dicode\ud PPM theory. Also DiPPM’s window has been development for the proper use of the software spectral\ud analyzer. The reliability of both power spectrum density results has been described. Although, previous\ud equation and graph of the power spectrum density of DiPPM, have been proved for its faultiness. At last\ud found that the DiPPM format gives output signal with increased power than that of the input signal.
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