Kerr-induced spontaneous Bessel beam formation in the regime of strong two-photon absorption

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Faccio, Daniele ; Clerici, Matteo ; Averchi, Alessandro ; Jedrkiewicz, Ottavia ; Tzortzakis, Stelios ; Papazoglou, Dimitrios ; Bragheri, Francesca ; Tartara, Luca ; Trita, Andrea ; Henin, Stefano ; Cristiani, Ilaria ; Couairon, Arnaud ; Di Trapani, Paolo (2008)

We study the effect of Two-Photon Absorption (TPA) nonlinear losses on Gaussian pulses, with power that exceeds the critical power for self-focusing, propagating in bulk kerr media. Experiments performed in fused silica and silicon highlight a spontaneous reshaping of the input pulse into a pulsed Bessel beam. A filament is formed in which sub-diffractive propagation is sustained by the Bessel-nature of the pulse.
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