Shape descriptors and mapping methods for full-field\ud comparison of experimental to simulation data

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Pasialis, Vasileios ; Lampeas, George (2015)

Validation of computational solid mechanics simulations requires full-field comparison\ud methodologies between numerical and experimental results. The continuous Zernike and\ud Chebyshev moment descriptors are applied to decompose data obtained from numerical\ud simulations and experimental measurements, in order to reduce the high amount of\ud ‘raw’ data to a fairly modest number of features and facilitate their comparisons. As Zernike\ud moments are defined over a unit disk space, a geometric transformation (mapping) of\ud rectangular to circular domain is necessary, before Zernike decomposition is applied to\ud non-circular geometry. Four different mapping techniques are examined and their decomposition/\ud reconstruction efficiency is assessed. A deep mathematical investigation to the\ud reasons of the different performance of the four methods has been performed, comprising\ud the effects of image mapping distortion and the numerical integration accuracy. Special\ud attention is given to the Schwarz–Christoffel conformal mapping, which in most cases is proven to be highly efficient in image description when combined to Zernike moment descriptors. In cases of rectangular structures, it is demonstrated that despite the fact that Zernike moments are defined on a circular domain, they can be more effective even from Chebyshev moments, which are defined on rectangular domains, provided that appropriate mapping techniques have been applied.
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