Cloned defective interfering influenza RNA and a 7 possible pan-specific treatment of respiratory virus 8 diseases

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Dimmock, N. J. ; Easton, A. J. (Andrew J.) (2015)

Defective interfering (DI) genomes are characterised by their ability to interfere with the 3 replication of the virus from which they were derived and other genetically compatible 4 viruses. DI genomes are synthesized by nearly all known viruses and represent a vast 5 natural reservoir of antivirals that can potentially be exploited for use in the clinic. This review 6 describes the application of DI virus to protect from virus-associated diseases in vivo using 7 as an example a highly active cloned influenza A DI genome and virus that protects broadly 8 in preclinical trials against different subtypes of influenza A and against non-influenza A 9 respiratory viruses. This influenza A-derived DI genome protects by two totally different 10 mechanisms: molecular interference with influenza A replication and by stimulating innate 11 immunity that acts against non-influenza A viruses. The review considers what is needed to 12 develop DI genomes to the point of entry into clinical trials.
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