Historical Space Steps of Turkey: It Is High Time to Establish the Turkish Space Agency

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Ercan, C. ; Kale, I. (2017)

This paper discusses the importance of space in today’s space driven world, the current space activities of Turkey, its space organizations with legislation background information and calls for the necessity for the establishment of the Turkish Space Agency (TSA). Firstly, the importance of space is given which is followed by a brief background and current space activities in Turkey. Then, the answers to why Turkey needs a National Space Agency are outlined by stating its expected role and duties. Additionally, the framework for space policy for Turkey is proposed and the findings are compared with other developing regional space actors. Lastly, it is proposed and demonstrated that Turkey is on the right track with its space policy and it is suggested that the establishment of the TSA is critical both for a coherent space policy and progress as well as the successful development of its national space industry, security and international space relations.
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    Project Started: 15 December 2014 (Preliminary Design Review is completed successfully) GEO In planning phase. · Turkey's space activities and achievements have been on the increase since 2005. · There are numerous different independent actors in Turkey's space decision making. · It is high time to establish the Turkish Space Agency as a single space authority. · The framework for space policy, expected role and duties of TSA have been proposed. · Space is an important pillar of Turkey/EU's Security, Defence and Foreign Policy.

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