Simultaneous Measurement of the Dissolution Kinetics of Responsive DNA Hydrogels at Multiple Length Scales

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Simon, Anna J. ; Walls-Smith, Luke T. ; Fredd, Matthew J. ; Fong, Yi Fong ; Gubala, Vladimir ; Plaxco, Kevin W. (2016)

Recent years have seen increasing study of stimulus-responsive hydrogels constructed from aptamer-connected DNA building blocks. Presumably due to a lack of simple, quantitative tools with which to measure gel responsiveness, however, the literature describing these materials is largely qualitative. In response we demonstrate here simple, time-resolved, multiscale methods for measuring the response kinetics of these materials. Specifically, by employing trace amounts of fluorophore-quencher labeled crosslinkers and the rheology of entrapped fluorescent particles we simultaneously measure dissolution at molecular, hundred-nanometer, and hundred-micron length-scales. For our test-bed system, an adenine-responsive hydrogel, we find biphasic response kinetics dependent on both effector concentration and depth within the gel and a dissolution pattern uniform at scales longer than a few times the monomer-monomer distance. Likewise, we find that, in agreement with theoretical predictions, dissolution kinetics over the hundred nanometer length scale exhibit a power-law-like dependence on the fraction of disrupted crosslinks before a distinct crossover from solid-like to liquid-like behavior
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