Effect of mattress deflection on CPR quality assessment for older children and adolescents

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Nishisaki, Akira ; Nysaether, Jon ; Sutton, Robert ; Maltese, Matthew ; Niles, Dana ; Donoghue, Aaron ; Bishnoi, Ram ; Helfaer, Mark A. ; Perkins, Gavin D. ; Berg, Robert A. ; Arbogast, Kristy B. ; Nadkarni, Vinay M. (2009)

Appropriate chest compression (CC) depth is associated with improved CPR outcome. CCs provided in hospital are often conducted on a compliant mattress. The objective was to quantify the effect of mattress compression on the assessment of CPR quality in children.\ud \ud Methods: A force and deflection sensor (FDS) was used during CPR in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department of a children's hospital. The sensor was interposed between the chest of the patient and hands of the rescuer and measured CC depth. Following CPR event, each event was reconstructed with a manikin and an identical mattress/backboard/patient configuration. CCs were performed using FDS on the sternum and a reference accelerometer attached to the spine of the manikin, providing a means to Calculate the mattress deflection.\ud \ud Results: Twelve CPR events with 14,487 CC (11 patients, median age 14.9 years) were recorded and reconstructed: 9 on ICU beds (9296 CC), 3 on stretchers (5191 CC). Measured mean CC depth during CPR was 47 +/- 8 mm on ICU beds, and 45 +/- 7 mm on stretcher beds with overestimation of 13 +/- 4 mm and 4 +/- 1 mm, respectively, due to mattress compression. After adjusting for this, the proportion of CC that met the CPR guidelines decreased from 88.4 to 31.8% on ICU beds (p < 0.001), and 86.3 to 64.7% on stretcher (p < 0.001 The proportion of appropriate depth CC was significantly smaller on ICU beds (p < 0.001).\ud \ud Conclusion: CC conducted on a non-rigid surface may not be deep enough. FDS may overestimate CC depth by 28% on ICU beds, and 10% on stretcher beds.
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