How cultural brands from evolving markets distinguish its brand image in international market from customers’ perspective? – A case study on Pakistani clothing Brand ‘Khaadi’ launched in London.

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Khalid, Maryam (2016)

2016 dissertation for MSc. International Business Management. Selected by academic staff as a good example of a masters level dissertation. Culture brands is accredited as one of the future significance in branding research in both academic\ud and in business world. Cultural brands describes country’s identity as a whole, including a bond to its\ud cultural roots, connotation of its past and desired future. This research explores the concept of cultural\ud brands in international markets and specifically addresses customers’ perception towards cultural\ud brands image which effect their buying decision. To evaluate this study, a Pakistani cultural brand\ud ‘Khaadi’, is selected who steps into the global market of London just two years back. Depiction from\ud the literature, the primary qualitative research is conducted whose focus is on identifying the\ud customers’ perception of cultural brands image in host city by analysing two psychological behaviours\ud that is nostalgic and ethnocentrism (patriotism). The research also draws conclusions for the\ud effectiveness of cultural branding image, positioning and customers’ perception and recommend\ud different possibilities for further studies.\ud The findings of the research substantiate that cultural branding, now a days, becoming more\ud generalize. Customers in host countries have varied responses and influences with respect to the\ud cultural brands image from their home country. It will be quite injustice to say that ethnocentrism and\ud nostalgic are the factors which influences customers to buy cultural brands. Customers are becoming\ud more analytical in their behaviour when it comes to buy cultural brands. In spite of that fact customers\ud are more likely to see more cultural brands from different countries to internationalize in the future.\ud In the end, the research recommend that more in-depth academic research and study is required to\ud broadly understand the concept of cultural brands and its applications from emerging markets to multi\ud culture international markets.
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