Single-trial analysis of EEG during rapid visual discrimination: enabling cortically-coupled computer vision

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Sajda, Paul ; Gerson, Adam D. ; Philiastides, Marios G. ; Parra, Lucas (2007)
  • Publisher: The MIT Press

We describe our work using linear discrimination of multi-channel electroencephalography\ud for single-trial detection of neural signatures of visual recognition events. We demonstrate\ud the approach as a methodology for relating neural variability to response variability, describing\ud studies for response accuracy and response latency during visual target detection.\ud We then show how the approach can be utilized to construct a novel type of brain-computer\ud interface, which we term cortically-coupled computer vision. In this application, a large\ud database of images is triaged using the detected neural signatures. We show how ‘corticaltriaging’\ud improves image search over a strictly behavioral response.
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