Background Calculations for the High Energy Beam Transport Region of the European Spallation Source

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Barlow, Roger ; Toader, Adina (2014)
  • Publisher: JACoW
  • Subject: QC

Expected backgrounds in the final accelerator-to-target region\ud of the European Spallation Source, to be built in Lund,\ud Sweden, have been calculated using the MCNPX program.\ud We consider the effects of losses from the beam, both along\ud the full length and localised at the bending magnets, and\ud also backsplash from the target. The prompt background is\ud calculated, and also the residual dose, as a function of time,\ud arising from activation of the beam components. Activation\ud of the air is also determined. The model includes the\ud focussing and rasterising magnets, and shows the effects of\ud the concrete walls of the tunnel. We give the implications\ud for the design and operation of the accelerator.
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