Spectral Immersions: A Comprehensive Guide To The Theory\ud And Practice Of Bass Clarinet Multiphonics

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Watts, Sarah (2015)
  • Subject: M1

Spectral Immersions: A Comprehensive Guide To The Theory And Practice Of Bass Clarinet Multiphonics is a multi-component thesis that looks into the entire area of\ud multiphonic analysis and composition for the bass clarinet. A literary section of the thesis looks at past publications and the problems associated with using this contemporary technique, in terms of both compositional and performance issues. A theoretical analysis of Type One multiphonics gives an insight into how multiphonics on the bass clarinet work in a more scientific way and their close relationship with the harmonic series. A complete analysis of Type Two multiphonics using past charts and new-found fingerings results in the creation of the new SW multiphonic charts for the bass clarinet. The new SW charts are fully tested by correcting problems in past compositions by means of several student\ud compositional projects at various UK universities. Finally, a new set of ├ętudes and pieces have been commissioned by composers from the UK and abroad. The results and successes of the pieces and new SW charts are analysed and can be listened to via accompanying audio and data CDs.\ud \ud The results of this thesis provide both performers and composers with an accurate, exhaustive and up-to-date usable publication. Not only does this thesis provide a new set of multiphonic charts, but the addition of compositional examples using multiphonics provides both practice and recital material for performers and useful compositional technique hints and advice for composers wishing to use this resource in the future.
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