Linearization of multichannel amplifiers with the injection of second harmonics into the amplifier and predistortion circuit

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Budimir, Djuradj ; Males-Ilic, Natasa ; Milovanovic, Bratislav ; Tomic, Milan

A linearization technique that uses the injection of the fundamental signal second harmonics together with the fundamental signals at the amplifier input has been extended in this paper by introducing the injection the second harmonics into nonlinear microwave amplifier and so-called predistortion circuit. Predistortion circuit produces the third-order intermodulation signals that are injected at the amplifier input together with the second harmonics making the linearization procedure more independent on the phase variation of the second harmonics. In addition, a considerably better improvement is attained for the power of fundamental signals close to 1-dB compression point by applying the linearization technique proposed in this paper in comparison to the linearization with the injection of the second harmonics merely in the nonlinear amplifier.
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