Specialty Fibers for Terahertz Generation and Transmission: A Review

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Barh, Ajanta ; Pal, B. P. ; Agrawal, G. P. ; Varshney, R. K. ; Rahman, B. M. A. (2015)

Terahertz (THz) frequency range, lying between the optical and microwave frequency ranges covers a significant portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum. Though its initial usage started in the 1960s, active research in the THz field started only in the 1990s by researchers from both optics and microwaves disciplines. The use of optical fibers for THz application has attracted considerable attention in recent years. In this paper, we review the progress and current status of optical fiber-based techniques for THz generation and transmission. The first part of this review focuses on THz sources. After a review on various types of THz sources, we discuss how specialty optical fibers can be used for THz generation. The second part of this review focuses on the guided wave propagation of THz waves for their transmission. After discussing various wave guiding schemes, we consider new fiber designs for THz transmission.
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