“True stories from bare times on road”: Developing empowerment, identity and social capital among urban minority ethnic young people in London, U.K.

Article English OPEN
Briggs, Daniel (2011)

This paper is based on evaluative research in an inner-London borough on a programme designed to raise self esteem and deter minority ethnic young people from involvement in crime and participation in gangs. The aim of the programme was to work with young people ‘at risk’ or involved with gangs, violent crime and who may use weapons and to divert them from this behaviour. Essentially, the paper explores the way in which minority ethnic young people can be equipped to develop social capital. The paper firstly, applies a brief contextual understanding of urban minority ethnic young peoples experiences of school and ‘street life’; secondly, it will describe the background and aims of the programme and; thirdly will discuss whether and how the programme contributed to developing trust; to notions of awareness and empowerment; self-esteem and identity, and how it impacted on their social and family relationships.
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