Bronze Age Barrow Complexes on the Lincolnshire Fen Margin

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Chowne, Peter (2015)
  • Publisher: Archaeopress Archaeology

In his influential review of Lincolnshire prehistory Jeffrey May noted the density of round barrows on the Lincolnshire Wolds, their presence on the marsh and along the eastern flank of the Northern Lincolnshire Edge and recounts Richard Gough's observation of 1789 that 'There are many in this county, and the lower rich part of it has scarce a village without them '. May's observation that aerial photography and fieldwalking had hardly begun to locate the remains of these barrows, has been redressed through field survey and excavation during the last thirtyseven years, particularly in the river valleys, on the fen and marsh edges. Intensive campaigns of aerial photography by individuals as part of survey projects, and the National Mapping Programme, have added many more examples to the record in areas susceptible to differential crop growth and ripening. Substantial complexes as well as individual ring ditches have been recorded, for example in the valley of the River Witham below Lincoln. This is largely the result of their exposure as peat in the river valleys and the fenland is eroded through drainage, shrinkage and agriculture.
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