Progress in the Psychometrical Properties of an Instrument Aimed to Assess Attitudes, Motivation and Self-efficacy of People Practicing Physical Activity

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Pappous, Athanasios ; Godoy, Juan G. ; Cruz, Francisco Q. ; Lopez, Jeanette (2008)
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Recently there has been an interest in developing culturally-specific instruments in order to explain different aspects of exercise behavior. The present study continues in the same line by reporting further analyses regarding the psychometric properties of the Spanish Attitudes, Motivation and Self-efficacy Questionnaire of Exercise Participation (Sp-AMSQEP). This study comes to complete a recent preliminary study (Pappous, Cruz & Godoy; 2006) basically by: a) aplicating some semantical modifications and retesting the internal consistency of the instrument, and b) by including a factor analysis in order to evaluate the support for the three dimensional a priori factor structure of the instrument. The results, in sum, provided initial evidence to support that Sp- AMSQEP is a suitable tool to measure the dimensions of attitudes, motivation and self efficacy in Spanish-speaking samples in the context of sport participation in health clubs. The fact that this study makes part of the first steps of the validation of this instrument is stressed and therefore further analyses are recommended in order to asses the generality of the instrument.
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