Optimization of erbium-doped actively Q-switched fiber laser implemented in symmetric configuration

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Kolpakov, Stanislav A. ; Sergeyev, Sergey ; Mou, Chengbo ; Gordon, Neil T. ; Zhou, Kaiming (2014)
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    arxiv: Physics::Optics

We report the results of an experimental study aimed at improving the performance of actively Q-switched fiber lasers. Unlike generic design schemes employing photonic crystal fibers, largemodal diameter fibers or double-clad fibers, we demonstrate a high-power, actively Q-switched laser based on standard com- munication erbium doped fibers with peak irradiance beyond the state-of-the-art at 3.1 GW/cm2 . The laser had 2.2 kW peak power, 15.5 ns pulse duration and 36.8 µJ pulse energy. We have also investigated the dynamics of pulse generation and have success- fully suppressed pulse instabilities caused by backscattered laser emission reaching the pump laser diodes.
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