A Modular Class of Fluorescent Difluoroboranes: Synthesis, Structure, Optical Properties, Theoretical Calculations and Applications for Biological Imaging.

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Bachollet, S.P. ; Volz, D. ; Fiser, B. ; Münch, S. ; Rönicke, F. ; Carrillo, J. ; Adams, H. ; Schepers, U. ; Gómez-Bengoa, E. ; Bräse, S. ; Harrity, J.P. (2016)
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Ten borylated bipyridines (BOBIPYs) have been synthesized and selected structural modifications have been made that allow useful structure-optical property relationships to be gathered. These systems have been further investigated using DFT calculations and spectroscopic measurements, showing blue to green fluorescence with quantum yields up to 41 %. They allow full mapping of the structure to determine where selected functionalities can be implemented, to tune the optical properties or to incorporate linking groups. The best derivative was thus functionalised with an alkyne linker, which would enable further applications through click chemistry and in this optic, the stability of the fluorophores has been evaluated.
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