Report of the Implementation of Fight for Peace in East London 2007- 08

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Madgin, Rebecca (2008)
  • Publisher: Centre for Institutional Studies, University of East London

This study reports on the findings from the implementation of Fight for Peace in East\ud London between October 2007 and March 2008. Fight for Peace (FFP) aimed to offer ‘real alternatives for children and youth to crime, drug trafficking and violence via social inclusion through sports, education, access to the formal work market, the promotion of a culture of peace and building youth leaders’. The project’s methodology was based on a holistic 5 pillar approach: 1. Boxing and Martial arts; 2. Personal Development (PD); 3. Social Action; 4. Access to Labour Market; 5. Youth Leadership. The study conducted by CIS found that although the project was in its initial stages of implementation it was on track to increase the access to opportunity of young people in Newham
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