In at the Deep End. Impressions of farming in a year gaining experience: 1952-3; 1978-85

Book English OPEN
Harris, Paul (2013)
  • Publisher: J Harris (privately published)

The book describes a wide variety of students’ experiences in their practical year prior to entering University to study BSc Agriculture. Until comparatively recently it was the normal requirement for all such students, whether or not they already had home farming experience, to gain a full year’s experience of practical agriculture – and to write a report thereon. This record of 41 students’ reports of the pre-entry year begins with Paul’s own experience in the early 1950s before 41 reports from 30 or more years ago. The essays provide compelling and fascinating stories, well-articulated with clear acknowledgement for most part of the humanity and the warmth with which each student was treated by farmers and farm workers alike, despite the difference in both age and experience (considerable!). [This summary is an extract from the full overview which is archived here together with the book.]
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