Borderlands: an Exploration of Contemplation\ud in Creative Practice

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Templeton, Deborah ; Adkins, Monty (2016)
  • Publisher: Liminalities
  • Subject: M1

Borderlands is an experimental audio performance by Monty Adkins (composition)\ud and Deborah Templeton (text) and features the cello playing of William\ud Mace. The work explores liminal states and the borders of consciousness. The\ud text is performed by Templeton, and was recorded and mixed by Adkins at various\ud points throughout the sound component of the work with the cello1\ud .\ud Borderlands was originally created for Totum One, an interactive installation\ud designed by the British company, IOU2\ud , and premiered at the Junction in Goole\ud (UK) in September 2014. A large white inflatable space, created by the artist,\ud Lisa Gort, housed examples of IOU’s current experimentation in 360° sound\ud and virtual world technology. Borderlands was the heart of the installation: the\ud audience was invited to recline on white deck chairs and listen to the audio
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