Methane dehydroaromatisation and methanol activation over zeolite catalysts: an overview

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Hargreaves, J. S. J. (2016)

A brief overview of methane dehydroaromatisation over MoO3/H-ZSM-5 derived catalysts, the deposition of carbonaceous residues from methanol over H-mordenite and the role of binders in zeolite catalysed reactions is presented. The selective poisoning of methane cracking catalysts is proposed as a potential strategy for the development of methane dehydroaromatisation catalysts. In the case of methanol conversion over H-mordenite, evidence is presented for the formation of larger alkylated aromatics, such as methylnaphthalenes. Binders, ubiquitous components of technical catalysts, have been documented to have a number of important effects often outweighing laboratory based modifications, and therefore, consideration of their effects should be made at an early stage of catalyst development.
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