Does male Chondracanthus lophii (Crustacea : Copepoda) feed?

Article English OPEN
Ostergaard, P (2004)

Male Chondracanthus lophii was studied using light and electron microscopy. Observations on external morphology and internal anatomy are presented. Males possess a full set of functional mouth parts, the digestive system is active and the dominant cell type in the midgut is identified as the vacuolar type B-cell, but the gut is a blind ending sac with no anus. The gut contents were a homogenous, amorphous mass. The combination of active feeding and digestion with a blind ending gut supports the inference that males feed on special secretions produced by glands in the nuptial organs of the female. It is speculated that dependence on such secretion reduces or eliminates the production of faecal matter. Observations on the reproductive system confirmed the typical chondracanthid pattern.
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