Empirical comparison of Chirp and Multitones on experimental UWB Software Defined Radar prototype

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Le Kernec , Julien ; Romain , Olivier ; Garda , Patrick ; Denoulet , Julien (2012)
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: UWB | Radar | OFDM | Software Radio | [ SPI.TRON ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Electronics | Multitones
    arxiv: Physics::Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

International audience; This paper proposes and tests an approach for an unbiased study of radar waveforms' performances. Using the ultrawide band software defined radar prototype, the performances of Chirp and Multitones are compared in range profile and detection range. The architecture was implemented and has performances comparable to the state of the art in software defined radar prototypes. The experimental results are consistent with the simulations.
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