From Spring to Summer? Revolutionary Change in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya

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El-Anis, Imad ; Hamed, Ashraf (2013)
  • Publisher: Değişim Yayınları
  • Journal: (issn: 1302-1761, eissn: 1302-1761)
  • Subject: Demokratikleşme, Rejim değişikliği, Arap Baharı, Tunus, Mısır, Libya

This article offers an analysis of the early stages of the revolutions that have been taking place in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Here we consider the early stages of the revolutions from winter 2010-11 up until the summer of 2012 and offers a comparative study of the experiences of the early stage of the revolutions in each case study. In particular this study considers the roles of six variables on the process of regime change and transition as follows: 1) duration of the uprising up to regime change; 2) the initial outcome of the revolution/uprising; 3) the number of deaths and casualties; 4) the postregime change status of key members of the former governing elite; 5) the existence and nature of post-regime change elections; and 6) levels of international involvement. This study finds that in all three case studies, considering these variables offers insight into the nature and effect of the early stages of the revolutions. Furthermore, in each case there are key similarities in some of these variables but significant differences in others which suggest that the processes of transition are not directly comparable with each other. This article also offers some thoughts on how the early stages of these revolutions could affect the direction and pace of change in each state.
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