North Atlantic marine 14C reservoir effects: implications for late-Holocene chronological studies

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Ascough, P.L. ; Cook, G.T. ; Dugmore, A.J. (2009)

We investigated surface ocean–atmosphere <sup>14</sup>C offsets for the later Holocene at eight locations in the eastern North Atlantic. This resulted in 11 new &#916;R assessments for the west coast of Ireland, the Outer Hebrides, the north coast of the Scottish mainland, the Orkney Isles and the Shetland Isles over the period 1300–500 BP. Assessments were made using a robust Multiple Paired Sample (MPS) approach, which is designed to maximize the accuracy of &#916;R determinations. Assessments are placed in context with other available data to enable reconstruction of a realistic picture of surface ocean <sup>14</sup>C activity over the Holocene period within the North Atlantic region.
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