Robustness to dependency in portfolio optimization using overlapping marginals

Article English OPEN
Doan, Xuan Vinh ; Li, Xiaobo ; Natarajan, Karthik (2015)
  • Publisher: Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (I N F O R M S)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1287/opre.2015.1424
  • Subject: HD61

In this paper, we develop a distributionally robust portfolio optimization model where the robustness is across different dependency structures among the random losses. For a Fr´echet class of discrete distributions with overlapping marginals, we show that the distributionally robust portfolio optimization problem is efficiently solvable with linear programming. To guarantee the existence of a joint multivariate distribution consistent with the overlapping marginal information, we make use of a graph theoretic property known as the running intersection property. Building on this property, we develop a tight linear programming formulation to find the optimal portfolio that minimizes the worst-case Conditional Value-at-Risk measure. Lastly, we use a data-driven approach with financial return data to identify the Fr´echet class of distributions satisfying the running intersection property and then optimize the portfolio over this class of distributions. Numerical results in two different datasets show that the distributionally robust portfolio optimization model improves on the sample-based approach\ud
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