Comparison of interplanetary signatures of streamers and pseudostreamers

Article English OPEN
Crooker, N. U. ; McPherron, R. L. ; Owens, Mathew J. (2014)

If the source of the slow solar wind is a web comprising pseudostreamer belts connected to the streamer belt, then one expects the properties of interplanetary pseudostreamer flows to be similar to those of streamer flows. That expectation is tested with data from the slow wind preceding stream interfaces in stream interaction regions at 1‚ÄČAU, where the interfaces separate what was originally slow and fast wind. Pseudostreamer cases were separated from streamer cases with the aid of the streamer identification tool developed by Owens et al. (2013), and superposed epoch analysis was performed to compare the patterns of a number of plasma and composition parameters. The results reveal that pseudostreamer flows have all of the slow-wind characteristics of streamer flows except that they are slightly less pronounced than streamer characteristics when compared to fast wind. The results are consistent with the concept that the solar wind displays a continuum of dynamic states rather than only slow and fast states.
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