Tourists’ expenditure behaviour: the influence of satisfaction and the dependence of spending categories.

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Disegna, Marta ; Osti, L. (2016)

A review of the literature shows that the relationship between satisfaction and tourism expenditure, as well as the dependence among different tourist expenditure categories, are under-researched topics. The aim of this study is twofold: first, to investigate the influence on tourism expenditure of tourists’ satisfaction with the destination, correcting for the effect of some socio-demographic and trip-related variables; second, to study the dependence among tourist expenditure on the different tourist categories that create the overall expenditure for the trip. This study focuses on an analysis of the expenditure behaviour of a sample of international visitors who travelled in an area around the Dolomites in Northern Italy, adopting the doublehurdle model with the Heien and Wessells estimator. In discussing the results, policy implications and managerial issues for tourism destinations are presented.
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