Strong modulation instability in a silicon–organic hybrid slot waveguide

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Zhang, Xianting ; Yuan, Jinhui ; Wang, Kuiru ; Kang, Zhe ; Yan, Binbin ; Sang, Xinzhu ; Wu, Qiang ; Yu, Chongxiu ; Farrell, Gerald (2015)

In this paper, we investigate the strong modulation instability (MI) at telecommunication band in a silicon-organic hybrid slot waveguide. The organic material of polymer poly (bis para-toluene sulfonate) of 2, 4-hexadiyne 1, 6 diol (PTS), which has high third-order nonlinear refractive index and very low two-photon absorption, is used to fill the slot of the waveguide. The optical gain can be up to ~3600 m-1 with a low pump peak power of 300 mW. By using Gaussian pulses with width of 10 ps and peak power of 250 mW, deep modulation of the pump is achieved, and the ultrashort pulse trains with the periods of 27 and 24 fs are obtained in the anomalous and normal group-velocity dispersion regions, respectively.
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