Case study: The Economic impacts of tourism

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Kennell, James (2014)
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning

Tourism can be a challenging subject for students because it is both dynamic and susceptible to economic turbulence and shifts in trends. Tourism: A Modern Synthesis is an essential textbook for tourism students looking for a clear and comprehensive introduction to their studies which helps overcome these challenges. The authors apply a strong business approach to the subject reflecting developments in the teaching and content of modern courses and the text covers both key principles and contemporary themes and issues at a global scale. It is the ideal guide to tourism for students across all levels, serving as a point of reference throughout their course.\ud \ud Table of contents:\ud \ud Part 1 Understanding tourism \ud 1. Introduction to tourism: themes, concepts and issues \ud 2. The evolution and development of tourism \ud 3. Understanding tourism demand \ud 4. Understanding the tourist as a consumer \ud \ud Part 2 Understanding the tourism industry \ud 5. Understanding and managing tourism supply: an introductory framework \ud 6. Information communication technologies and e-tourism \ud 7. Travel intermediaries: tour operators and travel agents \ud 8. Transporting the tourist \ud 9. Visitor attractions \ud 10. Tourism accommodation and hospitality services \ud \ud Part 3 Managing tourist operations and communicating with the visitor \ud 11 Human resource management in tourism \ud 12. Tourism and entrepreneurship \ud 13. The role of the public sector in tourism \ud 14. Marketing tourism \ud 15. Marketing tourism destinations \ud \ud Part 4 The impact of tourism \ud 16. Economic impacts \ud 17. Social and cultural impacts \ud 18. Environmental impacts \ud 19. The challenge of sustainability \ud \ud Part 5 Trends and themes in the use of tourist resources \ud 20. Urban tourism \ud 21. Rural tourism \ud 22. Coastal and resort tourism \ud 23. Tourism in the less developed world \ud \ud Part 6 Managing tourism activities \ud 24. Planning and managing the tourist experience\ud 25. Tourist health and safety: global challenges for tourism \ud 26. Event tourism \ud 27. The future of tourism
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